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NEST Fragrances candles are made with a premium, soft, highly refined, cosmetic-grade wax that was developed over many years to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion. The ingredients used are the highest grade of wax materials and the finest fragrance oils available. NEST Fragrances candles are well-known for infusing a room with fragrance.

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Review by ROGBU1 (Rhinebck, NY - 36-55)
Overall Rating
Just started to burn this as the weather turned a bit chilly and LOVED the rich scent it provided. I had it on a shelf in the tv room and it smelled like we were near an open fireplace - wishing we had one. Cannot wait to get the larger ones to have during the coming fall and winter seasons. (Posted on 9/24/2015)


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Hearth Votive Candle

In stock

The aroma of a wintertime fire is created by combining rich oud wood with frankincense and hints of smoky embers.
Additional Information
Weight (Oz.) 2
Approximate Burn Time 20 hours